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According to Joël de Rosnay, interviewed about his new book, The Pronetarian Revolution: “Internet and especially the Web 2.0 allow the reinvention of participative methods founded on new relational technologies that could be of interest to the big institutions – notably European … [You can] Trust the “Long Tail” of pronetarians to find innovative ways… » read more

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A new site dedicated to enhancing citizen involvement in climate policy has been launched. What does the future hold for such initiatives? Normally we here at don’t post ourselves, but an EurActiv article (disclosure: EurActiv is Blogactiv’s parent company) merits the exception: – New website seeks to engage citizens in climate policy debates… » read more

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A recent article on the BBC got me thinking: Plaid Cymru’s Adam Price has won the British Computer Society’s best MP website award. His site, which can be used by both English and Welsh speakers, was considered “an outstanding example” of design, engagement and accessibility. He has a blog, too, and like most people/organisations has… » read more

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The Guest Blog is Born

This blog is just being launched – there’s more info on Welcome to the Guest Blog. TwitterFacebook0Linkedin

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