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Chris Patten has signalled his interest in the High Representative for the Common Foreign and Security Policy position, something I’m going to give my support to. If you want to look at important conflicts that Britain has been involved with since the EU’s foundation – Falklands, Kosovo, Gulf War, Iraq, Afghanistan, etc. the EU has… » read more

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The following article has been sent to Blogactiv by Stéphane Desselas, Managing Director of Athenora Consulting The work of a lobbyist in Brussels today seems to be well marked out: working upstream with the Commission, submitting amendments to the Parliament, making contacts with the Permanent Representations and national administrations in the Council. For several years… » read more

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As a passionate, curious young person coming from Rétság, a small town in Nógrád country in northern Hungary, I studied European affairs and international relations. I have to admit, a special feeling embraced my soul when I heard my professor talking about the European ideas of Jean Monnet and Robert Schuman. I fell in love… » read more

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Written by Kelly Sonora, A pandemic, or the spread of an infectious disease worldwide or over a large geographical area, can be frightening to anticipate. Not knowing where the disease will spread next or if you will be able to protect yourself may leave you feeling vulnerable. The best way to empower yourself is… » read more

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The Irish referendum on the Lisbon Treaty is a tragedy, yes, but a tragedy in the sense of ancient Greek theater, in which both sides are right and both wrong. The Irish “no” camp claims it wants a better deal, more democratic, with a directly elected foreign minister and president of the European Council (EU… » read more

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A new site dedicated to enhancing citizen involvement in climate policy has been launched. What does the future hold for such initiatives? Normally we here at don’t post ourselves, but an EurActiv article (disclosure: EurActiv is Blogactiv’s parent company) merits the exception: – New website seeks to engage citizens in climate policy debates… » read more

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