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  Guest blog post by Josef Lentsch. Lentsch is Director of NEOS Lab, the party academy of the liberal party NEOS in Austria, and author of the book “Political Entrepreneurship”, to be published in Autumn 2018. The Italian election provided a warning shot for everyone who thinks the populist wave is over. Far from the… » read more

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By Alessandra Flora (Italian) We Italians must be proud of this woman who will chair the lower house of our Parliament. 51 years-old, journalist and writer, Mrs Boldrini is one of the most honest, sober, expert women of our times. Neither a showgirl, nor an old politician, she started her career at the United Nation… » read more

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By Alessandra Flora I have been asked to describe Beppe Grillo: It’s a hard task but I’ll try to do it. His result in the last political elections is now one of the hot topics in Italy. His name is becoming more and more popular, but nobody seems to know him well. Italian media attack… » read more

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Guest post by Giuseppe LENZO, MA International Relations (Europe) awarded with Distinction – School of Government and International Affairs, Durham University (UK) After a long ‘reign’ lasted about seventeen years (he was elected Prime Minister the first time in 1994) Berlusconi finally resigned. He took the decision to step down after the loss of majority… » read more

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