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Guest post by Arlind Puka, Administrative Assistant The refusal of Hungary and Slovakia to comply with an ECJ’s decision to uphold the EU’s refugee relocation scheme which aims to relocate 160,000 asylum seekers from Greece and Italy, has increased tensions between the EU and the Hungarian Prime Minister. In Hungary, Orban’s government has attacked the… » read more

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Guest post by Paul Coleman, English solicitor, Executive Director for ADF International We live in an age of increased government regulation, in which more and more areas of private life fall within the jurisdiction of the state. Whether we’re talking about family life, ancient civil liberties such as free speech, or the rules governing private… » read more

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Guest post from Dr. Gilbert Fayl, Prof. Rudolf Rezsóházy & Prof. Jenö Bangó (in their private capacities) Following the apprehensive comments in the press about Hungary when it took over the EU council presidency, one should now take stock. At the beginning of 2011, it seemed like one of the most important tasks of the… » read more

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