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By David Heap and Ehab Lotayef. One year after the Greek government bowed to pressure and enforced he outsourced Israeli blockade of Gaza, the international movement to challenge the blockade is still very much afloat: we may change our tactics, but not our objectives. Our new campaign to challenge the blockade from the inside out… » read more

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Un article envoyé par Hakima Fassi-Fihri, en charge de la Direction des Affaires Juridiques et des Ressources Humaines de l’Université Internationale de Rabat, et membre de son Directoire, et enseigne le droit des Affaires des Pays Arabes à l’Université d’Assas Paris II. Un vent de polémique se ressent actuellement au Maroc, depuis le triste fait… » read more

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Swat the Mosquito!

Discriminatory device violates the rights of children and young people On the occasion of the Education, Youth and Culture Council of the European Union on 21-22 May, youth organisations across Europe are calling on EU Member States to ban the Mosquito, a device emitting an irritating sound aimed at dispersing young people gathered in public… » read more

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