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Guest Post by Dan LUCA. Blog: Casa Europei The European Union can encourage and facilitate cooperation between Member States in order to develop quality education, however unlike in other policy area’s the EU cannot harmonise any law or regulation of the Member States. The content and organisation of education systems and their cultural and linguistic… » read more

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Guest post by Giuseppe LENZO, MA International Relations (Europe) awarded with Distinction – School of Government and International Affairs, Durham University (UK) After a long ‘reign’ lasted about seventeen years (he was elected Prime Minister the first time in 1994) Berlusconi finally resigned. He took the decision to step down after the loss of majority… » read more

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A l’occasion du Congrès du parti socialiste à Reims du 14 au 16 novembre, vous propose de relire la synthèse des dispositions européennes contenues dans les 250 pages des contributions socialistes épluchées par notre rédaction lors de l’université d’été du PS fin août.

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