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Brussels: Forecast for 2013

Looking back at a year marked by interesting developments, we can look ahead to 2013 anticipating lots of exiting new things. The European economic crisis, which continues in 2013, and its impact will further influence the European construction. A new ‘European Union Treaty’ would increase European integration. Most likely a broad debate on the future… » read more

Posted by Dan Luca

Accountability and the EU

By Dan Luca and Nienke van Leeuwaarden ‘Accountability’ has several meanings, depending on the situation it is used in. In his article “Analysing and Assessing Public Accountability – A Conceptual Framework”, Mark Bovens claims that accountability for the European Commission for example is not only synonym for ‘clarity’, ‘transparency’, and maybe most importantly: ‘responsibility’, but… » read more

Posted by Dan Luca

According to Romanian experts involved in various activities in “Euro Brussels”, nearly six years after Romania joined the EU, Romania has evolved, but there are still many inefficiencies and abnormalities. With great pleasure, I recently had the opportunity to host on the “House of Europe” blog the thoughts of several Romanian friends in Brussels, who… » read more

Posted by Dan Luca