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The Brexit process has, thus far, ignored the voices of children and young people.

We, the undersigned, represent over 1800 children’s rights organisations across Europe and believe the rights of children and young people must be protected and championed as part of the process.

Children and young people in the United Kingdom and across the EU will be the most impacted in the long term by the Brexit vote, yet they have had no opportunity to have their opinions heard on this issue by decision-makers.

Together the UK, EU institutions and all EU Governments have a role to play in ensuring the rights of children are prioritised at the negotiating table.

We are calling for action to be taken to bring children into the heart of negotiations on Brexit. A mechanism must be developed to listen to children and young people as part of the Brexit talks. Assurances should be given that there will be no roll-back on the existing rights of children and young people in the UK and across the EU. Future positive children’s rights developments have to be recognised by all parties to negotiations. And the importance of the Good Friday Agreement must continue to be upheld.

We are seeking a dialogue with key EU and UK negotiators to discuss these recommendations in order to ensure children’s rights are safeguarded and their voices heard in the Brexit negotiations.

To inform this process, a number of children’s rights academics and civil society organisations across the UK are developing a range of briefing papers and holding workshops to draw attention to the key priorities for children across different parts of the UK. We will bring evidence from research on the impact of Brexit on children to support our demands.



Read the full statement and call to action here.


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