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Guest blog post by Andrii Lavreniuk, Brussels based Ukrainian journalist.

For two years Putin’s Russia has been terrorising the entire civilised world.

The occupation of Ukrainian Crimea and military aggression in eastern Ukraine became the first stages of a hybrid, undeclared war unleashed by the Kremlin regime. Russia cynically and insidiously destroyed the security of the region and violated international law. It intimidates neighbouring countries and supports international terrorism, persecutes its own people and illegally captures and imprisons Ukrainian citizens. This is especially true for the Crimean Tatars that are suffering from the persecution on the occupied peninsula.

According to the Russian government, the “special operation” by Kremlin-controlled security forces was the so-called liquidation of the secret subversive group sent to the temporarily occupied Crimea by the Chief Directorate of Intelligence of the Ministry of Defence of Ukraine. A banal shootout between drunken Russian soldiers, border guards and FSB agents was presented by Moscow’s leadership as an act of Kyiv’s terrorism and aggression. Even though the response of the major world players was as usual restrained, the UN, NATO, EU and key national governments have clearly stated about another lie, and Russia’s attempts to escalate its aggression against Ukraine.

Most likely, no one knows what is in the head of Putin today and what further actions are to be expected from his regime. The development of the situation can be analysed from a geopolitical and internal Russian context. The main conclusion is unambiguous. Putin resembles a cornered rat without an escape route. Just as there cannot be an international policy of appeasement regarding the Kremlin’s regime. After all, history knows examples when imprudent and weak Europe did not react strongly enough to the aggressive, expansionist and inhuman actions of Hitler. Putin will take his disgraceful place in history along with this dictator. Europe should be more assertive in its response to Moscow’s actions.

In addition to strengthening and prolonging economic sanctions against Russia and the personal sanctions against representatives of the Kremlin regime, the international community must strengthen its help to Ukraine and continue the isolation of Russia. Statements of concern and calls on Ukraine and Russia to not take actions which would escalate the conflict are inadequate and insufficient. Today, the corrupt Russian lobby has bribed some extreme nationalists, communists and populists in the European Union.

These so-called “useful idiots” help to promote Moscow’s propaganda and aggression in Europe. Their influence has somewhat increased against the background of direct financial aid from the Kremlin, terrorist activities, provoked and supported by Putin’s regime, and a refugee crisis. Russia’s attempts to regain its place among the world’s major players, with the proposal to unite in the fight against terrorism, are cynical, treacherous and inhumane. You cannot fight this evil in alliance with the very terrorist which Russia is today.

Aggressively and maliciously the Kremlin continues to increase the number of military groups in eastern Ukraine, on the border, as well as in occupied Crimea. Tens of thousands of Russian military personnel, will be used as cannon fodder, hundreds of thousands modern weapons and military equipment are being moved there. The number of Russian tanks that have been transferred to the region dwarfs what European NATO members could offer in response.

Today, Ukraine is the guardian of democratic values and Euro-Atlantic European unity. Putin wants to destroy the European Union and NATO in order to control European democracy. This is the key to preserving his personal power, which rests on the principles of the Kremlin’s repressive regime. Only effective assistance to Ukraine in the political, economic and military spheres, further isolation of Moscow, through pressure of the civilised world, will ensure its existence and sustainable peace and development.

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  1. I’m sure Andrii Lavreniuk as a Ukrainian journalist feels he has to support his country but as a journalist you should stick to the truth or else just write as a citizen with an opinion. Anyone who has followed the events in Ukraine knows that Russia had nothing to do with the coup of the elected government. It is well documented that 5bn in payments (through US, George Soros & his NGO’s) went to orchestrate this overthrow. As an Irish person I understand what it means for a controlling power to ban your native language and so how strong a message was sent to all Russian speakers when the first vote in Parliament was whether or not to ban the Russian language. The Crimean vote to rejoin Russia was overseen by independent observers and the people spoke with a 97% landslide. These are facts, the type of things that journalists use when writing a story. Russia and Putin are not terrorizing the West but NATO has pushed closer and closer to Russia and then says Russia is threatening them.
    Their is no need to maintain NATO any longer. It has served its purpose and should be disbanded. Ukraine has been used as a pawn by the West with all kinds of promises which will never materialize. And now the Ukraine leadership wants to push the world into a war, the outcome of which, could mean the annihilation of humanity. Ask yourself, is Ukraine better off now that before you overthrew the elected government ?

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