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Linda McAvan MEP, Chair of the Development Committee in the European Parliament, joined EurActiv and @eaDevPol for a Twitter chat on Development Policy.

This #EUDevChat took place on Tuesday 19 April between 14:45 and 15:45 CET.


#EUDevChat with Linda McAvan MEP

#EUDevChat with Linda McAvan MEP

EurActiv invited Linda McAvan MEP, chair of the European Parliament’s Development Committee, to answer your questions on Development in a Twitter chat (#EUDevChat) on 19 April. The S&D MEP for Yorkshire & the Humber answered an hour of rapid-fire questions from NGOs, journalists and others.

  1. #EUDevChat BEGINS

  2. Linda takes your questions…
  3. Today we are happy to welcome as a special guest. Ask your questions to @LindaMcAvanMEP using the hashtag #EUDevChat

  4. EurActiv journalists get the ball rolling with the first question
  5. Q1 With the refugee crisis drawing funds away from EU & member states’ ODA, is the EU spending enough on ODA? #EUDevChat
  6. Q1 [1/3] Only 4 member states meet EU goal of 0.7% GDP on ODA – this is not enough, EP calls on more EU states to achieve this #EUDevChat
  7. Q1 [2/3] I understand countries such as Sweden will use ODA to cover costs, but OECD rules allow this for first year only #EUDevChat
  8. Q1 [3/3] It’s most important to recognise that ODA is key to preventing future crises by addressing the root causes of migration #EUDevChat

  9. Oxfam EU on how the EU Emissions Trading Scheme and climate policy can support developing countries
  10. DEVE will soon discuss revision of #ETS. How should EU climate policy support dev countries w/ emission reductions and (++) cash? #EUDevChat
  11. @OxfamEU MEPs long support ETS funds for development but govts block. Poverty will never be history unless tackle climate change #EUDevChat
  12. Florian Oel & Lies Craeynest, Oxfam EU, on how EU environmental policy affects development
  13. Setting aside 10% of ETS allowances for #GCF could raise €3.4bn a year – 3x current contributions. Good idea? #EUDevChat @eaDevPol
  14. COMs take on the Paris climate deal is to continue BAU. Is this a betrayal of poor countries in the High Ambition Coalition? #EUDevChat

  15. AidEx asks how the EU can encourage development locally
  16. How can the EU be less top-down & encourage local NGOs & SMEs to own their own development activities? #EUDevChat @eaDevPol @LindaMcAvanMEP
  17. @AidEx2016 @eaDevPol yes – local solutions important. Would be interested to hear your ideas.

  18. Liliana Caraça & Heleen Callens, ONE Brussels, ask how the EU can tackle malnutrition and if the budget is flexible enough to respond to crises
  19. Will the EU budget be flexible enough to tackle current and future challenges?#EUDevChat @LindaMcAvanMEP
  20. @hel1thegreat @eaDevPol agree. Flexibility important. Eg EU humanitarian funding now approved for refugee crisis inside EU #EUDevChat
  21. 45% of child deaths globally is caused by malnutrition. What is the Parliaments role in fighting malnutrition? #EUDevChat @LindaMcAvanMEP

  22. WWF EU asks if the EU should change strategy to take the SDGs into account
  23. What should the EU do differently now that we have the Sustainable Development Goals? #EUDevChat #SDG @LindaMcAvanMEP
  24. .@WWFEU @eaDevPol Universality is important. Commission needs coherent plan for internal policies not just external action #EUDevChat

  25. Jacqueline Hale, Save the Children, asks about the EU's development priorities for children, especially girls
  26. How should #EU ODA be spent & what is the #EP planning to ensure #poverty is the focus not security? @eaDevPol #EUDevChat @LindaMcAvanMEP
  27. @JacquiHale @eaDevPol This is a big debate. On Thurs morning OECD DAC Chair is in @EP_Development. This will be a key question #EUDevChat
  28. .@JacquiHale @eaDevPol Let’s discuss what would make a real difference on the ground to girls’ lives. New ideas are welcome #EUDevChat

  29. Bond also asks about the EU and the SDGs
  30. .@LindaMcAvanMEP, how will you push for an EU implementation plan on the SDGs that leaves no one behind? @eaDevPol #EUDevChat
  31. @bondngo 1/2 New consensus for development due in autumn as basis for EU #SDG implementation. MEPs to draft report to influence it
  32. @bondngo 2/2 leave no one behind – my top priority. Gender equality, discrimination & equality issues must be tackled #EUDevChat

  33. World Vision also asks Linda McAvan MEP about EU investment in children
  34. .@WorldVisionEU @eaDevPol New consensus on development should have a focus on children & young people. Crucial for stability #EUDevChat
  35. .@LindaMcAvanMEP How can we ensure child rights are mainstreamed across all development policies? #EUDevChat

    .@LindaMcAvanMEP How can we ensure child rights are mainstreamed across all development policies? #EUDevChat
  36. @WorldVisionEU We need pressure on world leaders. UN process should focus on themes, inc. Children. We’ll put this to UN Rep in Committee

  37. Rebecca Humphries asks how the EU can avoid undermining global sustainable development
  38. How can we ensure EU trade, agriculture, and other policies support and don’t undermine SD globally? #EUDevChat @LindaMcAvanMEP
  39. @beckiehumphries We must highlight when PCD not respected. Things have got better but still a way to go. Universality in #SDGs should help

  40. Laura Shields, Brussels Liberal Democrats, asks how Brexit would affect EU aid
  41. How would #Brexit affect EU aid? What would UK lose from not being part of the EU’s #globaldev work? #EUdevChat @LindaMcAvanMEP @eaDevPol
  42. .@LindaMcAvanMEP @eaDevPol Do you mean more reach through #ODA? Or as it part of the network of relationships & collaboration? #EUDevChat
  43. @mediawhizz @eaDevPol both. Aid is important but influence on tackling climate change, iliicit financial flows & security cooperation vital
  44. #EUDevChat is trending. Lots of interesting Q&A with @LindaMcAvanMEP on the future of EU aid @eaDevPol

  45. Kehys from Finland asks how the EU can develop its policy coherence on aid
  46. Jussi Kanner, Kehys, asks a separate question about the UN's High-Level Political Forum
  47. @JussiKanner Yes. Both Member States and EU should report at #HLPF. NGOs must also hold govts to account in Member States #EUDevChat

  48. #EUDevChat in action at EurActiv's Brussels office…

  49. EurActiv's Freddie Martyn asks how the EU can learn from its mistakes
  50. The Sustainable Development Goals are now in place. What can the EU learn from past mistakes? #EUDevChat #SDG @LindaMcAvanMEP
  51. @FreddieMartyn Constant monitoring, listening to grassroots & independent reporting will help #SDGs be a success #EUDevChat

  52. #EUDevChat TRENDS

  53. Our #EUDevChat trends on Twitter both in Belgium and the UK

  54. #EUDevChat wraps up and we thank contributors
  55. @eaDevPol, thanks for having us! Lots of interesting things to reflect on #EUDevChat


  57. EurActiv invited people to submit their questions before the chat (as well as during)
  58. Look forward to @eaDevPol twitter chat w @LindaMcAvanMEP EP Dev Cttee Chair. How can we reach the most marginalised children? #EUDevChat
  59. Dear Ms. McAvan, will be the overall budget for the delepoment aid higher? What are the main target regions? @LindaMcAvanMEP #EUDevChat
  60. What are EU aid priorities for Africa,how do we know the aid is not counterproductive-harming local economy? @LindaMcAvanMEP #EUDevChat
  61. Should non-democratic regimes receive EU aid? If yes, under what conditions? @LindaMcAvanMEP #EUDevChat


  63. Linda McAvan MEP, EurActiv's teams across Europe and NGOs promoted the chat
  64. EurActiv's teams around Europe also promoted the chat in their own languages
  65. #EUDevChat beginnt in einer Stunde @eaDevPol : 14:45 – 15:45 CET. We welcome your questions to @LindaMcAvanMEP, Chair of @EP_Development
  66. 14:45-15:45 @eaDevPol :Stellen Sie im #EUDevChat LiveChat Fragen an @LindaMcAvanMEP,Vorsitzende vom EP-Entwicklungsausschuss @EP_Development
  67. Aujourd’hui de 14h45 à 15h45, posez vos question @LindaMcAvanMEP, présidente de la commission développement au PE 

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