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Guest blog post and Open Letter by the International Artist Organisation (IAO)

Over 50 artists have added their names to this letter personally to reinforce the strength of feeling in the creator community to support the Digital Single Market – but to make sure it is an effective Digital Single Market that rewards creativity and entrepreneurship through the value chain.

We sincerely hope you will keep our views in mind as you consider the next steps in the drafting process and we are at your disposal should you wish to discuss any of the points we raise.

First Vice-President Timmermans said so eloquently at this year’s European Border Breakers Awards in Goenningen that Contemporary Music is the most democratic art form. We must ensure the framework in which it operates is strong and well-balanced for the digital age so that European music and culture thrives in the 21st Century.
Open letter sent on 23 February 2016:


Dear President Juncker, Vice President Ansip and Commissioner Oettinger,

Artists love technology. We are now, as always, at the cutting edge, pushing the boundaries. We wholeheartedly support the transition to a future-facing digital single market and the opportunity to reboot our ecosystem to be stronger and more vibrant.

The market as it stands however only works for a handful of global corporations without proportionate value flowing through the system to the sea of creators who are in fact small business entrepreneurs. It is this work and these people, the foundation of an important sector of the economy that now needs your attention.

The communication from the European Commission of 9th December 2015 put fair remuneration on the agenda for the copyright review. We are writing to ask your help in ensuring that this remains at the very heart of that review. The music sector urgently needs a modernised legislative framework to rebalance the market and empower us for the digital age.

We are not asking for market intervention. All we want is that the normal principles of a functioning market – transparency, duty of care, share of value and remuneration that is equitable – be applied to music. If adopted, this would enable all parts of the music sector to contract on fairer terms and to benefit together from the success ahead.

We realise that you have a busy agenda, but not to act would be to miss the opportunity to rebalance the architecture of the creative industries that have delivered so much to Europe in the past both in terms of culture AND commerce. We write to you with the long perspective of our own careers for the sake of all artists of today and for those yet to come in the future.

They need your help. We need your help.



  • Abd Al Malik, France
  • Luis Cobos, Spain
  • Alvaro Urquijo, Los Secretos, Spain
  • Luz Casal, Spain
  • Annie Lennox, UK
  • Mademoiselle K, France
  • Axel Bauer, France
  • Mike Rosenberg, Passenger, UK
  • Calogero, France
  • Miossec, France
  • David Gilmour, Pink Floyd, UK
  • Mirela Priselac-Remi, Croatia
  • Daria & The Jooles, Germany
  • Miu Graf, Germany
  • Dominique A, France
  • Nacho Garcia Vega, Spain
  • Ed O’Brien, Radiohead, UK
  • Nekfeu, France
  • Elvis Stani?, Croatia
  • Nick Cave, UK
  • Emily Loizeau, France
  • Nick Mason, Pink Floyd, UK
  • Enzo Enzo, France
  • Paul Pacifico, UK
  • Fin Greenall, FINK, UK
  • Pilar Jurado, Spain
  • Fonky Flav’ , France
  • PJ Harvey, UK
  • Fran Healy, Travis, UK
  • Robbie Williams, UK
  • IAM, France
  • Rodolphe Burger, France
  • Indochine, France
  • Roxanne de BasMon, UK
  • Issam Krimi, France
  • Sandie Shaw, UK
  • Jean-Louis Aubert, France
  • Serge Teyssot-Gay, France
  • Jonty Skrufff, Germany
  • Sister Bliss, UK
  • Jools Holland, UK
  • Soprano, France
  • Julia Neigel, Germany
  • Suzanne Combo, France
  • KaMe Melua, UK
  • Sven Atle Kopperud, Dimmu Borgir, Norway
  • Kemar, France
  • Tété, France
  • Kent, France
  • Truck Stop, Germany
  • Keren Ann, France
  • Will Young, UK
  • La Grande Sophie, France
  • Yodelice, France
  • Lemar, UK
  • Youssoupha, France
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