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Guest blogpost by By Adam Mouchtar, Managing Director of the EU40 project in the European Parliament.

We live in a world in which experts are constantly trying to tell us what is in and what is out. „Don’t write too long texts, nobody has the patience to read them anymore. Instead use pictures to exemplify.“ “Forget the old media, social, digital media is en vogue“. In reality these are simplifications. True: Nobody is willing to read long, boring, technical texts, which are solely advertising a politician or a political message. But people are more than keen to read long OpEds, if they are well written and transport a novel idea. Politico has long proven this in Washington and we are looking forward to seeing what they will be able to do on the Brussels scene in this context. Yes, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram are good and direct ways of getting a message across to the masses if you have something quick and witty to say and if you have enough followers, which is more than often not the case. But a quote in the 8o’clock news of a country’s main news channel is still the maximum communication achievement for a politician. For that reason, when I write a speech, I place the central message in a main clause without a relative clause, so that it has the chance to be picked up and screened in the 5 seconds a national news channel will reserve for EU politicians.

Therefore, like so often in life, it is the balance of elements that makes the difference. The new media has not replaced the old but has rather enriched it and can be seen as an addition. TV often reports about a certain social media phenomenon, like the “Ice Bucket Challenge” for example, while you can find certain TV events going viral on Twitter or Facebook. If you are planning apolitical event/happening the old school approach of hosting big names and with them the obligatory camera teams, still does not fail to miss its objective. If you however do not have access to such stars and dignitaries, then the fresh ideas and digital communication methods can do the trick. When, for example, EU40aimed at increasing the youth-vote Europe wide, we decided to host a rap battle between the four main political groups of the European Parliament (EP) inside the EP. We brought MTV and Facebook on board as communicators and created four teams consisting of two young MEPs of each of the political groups together with one professional battle rapper. Those teams of three went on stage and word-battled their political beliefs in front of a crowd of 1000 young people, who had flocked into the EP for the evening and celebrated the event with the help of our beer sponsor. That night we succeeded to reach 1,6 million people on Facebook and 1,4 million people on Twitter, thanks to a thunderclap, which we initiated half way through. By coincidence, the first Spitzenkandidaten debate between Martin Schulz and Jean Claude Juncker took place inside the EP simultaneously. It did not succeed to generate anything close to these numbers. So this is an example where a fresh, good idea, beats large names and big titles. The rap battle was the second part of a trilogy, which was conceptualised under the title of “EU-Unplugged” by Jim Cheng, Matteo Pederzoli and myself. The idea was to bring politics close the people. The first round of EU-unplugged happened in the Hard Rock Café on Grand Place, where we tried to relive the town hall feeling of politics, with politicians crammed in amongst the crowd in a confined place, vivaciously discussing their ideas with young CEOs and the public. However, when EU40 set out to host Dominique Strauss Kahn, Jean Claude Juncker and Jean Claude Trichet a few years back, in order to discuss the reasons of the current European debt crisis, the attention of the mainstream media was huge. We had invited the right names to discuss a topic, which was of huge public interest. Even after DSK had to cancel his participation, because he was ordered to speak in court, the remaining two speakers still generated tremendous public interest.

Selling an idea or concept is a fresh challenge every time. Just recently I was invited by a good friend of mine, Leslie Paldon, who is a 91 years old Hungarian Jew, who survived the Shoah by a hair’s breath, fought in the Hagana in the 48’ war of Israeli independence and had discussed strategy with Ben Gurion, while saving the life of Ariel Sharon. After having urged him for many years, he has now finally brought his fascinating life to paper with the help of a ghost writer and has published a beautiful book titles “The Survival of an Incorrigible Optimist”, published by the renowned Andreae publishing house. He had invited me to his place, in order to honour me with a hand signed copy of this magnificent piece of 20th century European history and get my two cents on how best to promote the book. The concept came easily while listening to him talk about is tumultuous past. The idea is to twin him with MEPs in an intimate surrounding and film the dialogue between the two. The product, which is a touching oral narration of one of the few remaining eye witnesses, will be uploaded to the respective websites of the politicians and distributed in their constituencies Europe wide. It will be touching and tangible and I am sure, interesting to write and report about.

Communication by definition is a dialogue. It is not enough to send a message out into the world. You also need to be willing to receive and react. Therefore well planned communication inherently includes action and re-action and a motivation for both parties to engage in a dialogue. Sometimes, of course, an evoked emotional reaction can be sufficient if the message hit close to home. This is where modern digital communication is superior to TV or radio. If used correctly, there is an added value for both ends of the communication. Badly planned communication misses to seek the win-win of a situation. It is focused on getting the message across, irrespective from how technical, complex, long and dry the message may be. The above mentioned examples have done better. They allow both sides to engage, albeit in different manners. There is a return of investment for all and they are inherently fun. And that, I guess, remains the essential point. You need to enjoy and be interested in what you are doing, in order to do it well.

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  1. 31.05.2015
    Amy Ana Maria C. Neagoe
    Expert in E.U.funds; International Master; Many Post-graduated and many graduated professional, too
    sect.1 Bucharest RO
    H.E. President of I.C.R. mr. Radu Boroianu;
    Aleea Alexandru nr. 38, sector 1, 011824, Bucuresti, România

    Dear President of I.C.R. mr. Radu Boroianu,
    opposite to my still young life(which may be proved by the painful reality I was 10’ at the events from December ’89 in Romania), and contrary to the realistic accusations which are brought to you, I know my limitations well, which makes me neglect the bad opinion that Your Institute has continuously brought to me all these years, and also keep on trying to reach you, and your partners and collaborative too.
    In these circumstances, I shall start performing what I’ve started to do in my former graduation year of international Master(in 2012), when I began having the courage in expressing my political views officially, as a consequence of my private business ethics.
    As I have loved the official assumptions you made after you took over your job within this institute of culture, I’ve also liked Your replies to the demands of Journalist of T.V.R. mr. Adrian Bucur, a week ago. And only because I protested for the 3rd repeated year on the stairs of Your Institute from Aleea Alexandru, in front of the identically the same 2 employees from S.R.I. in all the previous years, I am really afraid you’ll reply to this letter to me in a never-empathic manner, which will be similar to all the replies I have received up to now, from every representative of the foreign, and also the Romanian administrations too.
    And as I keep on feeling myself so very bad after the repeated discrimination to which I keep on being a subject of, I need to stress down that has always made me to feel like I’ll be an object(a very not-useful one, having not any importance or value for the economics and justice, within these more civilized nations). As I can prove to You with both my Curriculum Vitae and myself, the complex and complete reality if my feelings, would you please let me remember to you that I’ve left the repeated official attachment in the 20th of May into year, to H.E. Minister of Romania’s Foreign Affairs mr. Bogdan Aurescu, in order to become certain of finally getting the real very complete answers I’ve always asked for, now when I am so very close of starting to celebrate the fulfillment of my 36 years of terrible and unjust life to which I have continuously been the powerless subject of, within Romania and into Europe.
    Only because I have started to know since few-enough years ago, about the official attempts of reaching a common thinking point @ an international level, I am afraid that I keep on finding myself at this age of being continuously discriminated in every single part of my female and medically-proved healthy human existence, in the circumstances I have already proved my integrity in always being a ‘Right and a technocrat thinking ‘ and also a naturally beautiful person, as I shall always love the utility of the not-Left political theories(Monarchy, Communism, Conservative, Socialism, Republic and all their related and different currents of thinking like the ‘Meritocracy’ of mr.Laurentiu Primo is, for example). In the circumstances these ideologies keep on having deep reminiscences in all ‘Right’ ideologies in the way they are practiced into Romania and in every part of the world, in practice(for further details, please see my complete personal bibliography from the end of my dissertation of Master in 2012).
    Because I have already exposed to you which are the facts that determined both the individual people and groups, along with the institutions, firms and organizations to continuously abuse my intellectual and professional of one political and administrative type, I could always demonstrate the harassment, neglect, continuous victimization and abuses I’m still encountering right in this moment, as their discriminative approaches and actions to me, have never ended.
    In the end, only because I don’t have that complete legal training of a technocrat professional who has at least 4,5 or 6 years of continuous official practice in law, within any official state University of Law in Romania, I am far from mastering the complete European and Romanian legislation which might tell you much more about the detailed legislation that has continuously been applied these different sorts of abuses and discrimination I have always encountered into my private and personal life, in the same time that all from my continuously repeated communications I had all years of my life up to the recent times, with the public institution of People’s Advocate, and last year when I’ve chosen to continue following my heart and I voted mrs.Macovei only, for the Presidency, I’ve founded out which was the reason for I’ve never had any chance with their primitive manner of seeing the things, in life: they have never ended in proving to me they have always been (Conservative-Socialist and so very badly)politicized, indeed. In these circumstances, I am afraid I keep on being deprived by resources in front of you, and also in front of the people and the official different institutions I have named as they keep on abusing of their political/diplomatic immunities and wrongly influencing my entire existence, by that.
    In the end, Your Excellency dear Ambassador and President mr.Boroianu, I’d like to attach you my C.V. in English and that I have in Romanian too, in the same time I’d like to remember my personal history of my recent communications I’ve had during the years, with the official Euroactiv(right now I’m the official technocrat International and National Expert Amy Neagoe), here too, added to those I have kept on having with the forum of the Embassy of Switzerland in L…(and with H.O. mr.Marc C. Bruchez from the Embassy of Switzerland in Bucharest, among many other foreign High Officials in my country Romania.
    And please start letting me to be looking forward to your very precise and comprehensive or detailed explicit explanations to me, as I simply cannot stop asking myself which are the reasons for you keep on discriminating me, all the time, as I am an international and national confirmed intellectual female, a medically proved healthy woman indeed, I am Caucasian-white and no ethnic, I’ve continuously proved to be Roman-Catholic, sexually normal(heterosexual), upright and never committing penalties as you all do, and I have spent all my life up to now keeping on studying so honestly and hard during 1990(my 1st year of Highschool), and up to the autumn of 2014, when I’ve got my 2nd Master degree which proved to be more not useful to me, than the 1st one I’ve worked so very hard to get, within the A.S.E. in Bucharest.
    All in all, I do know the nations and cultures are different in many parts from the world(unless you won’t lie about your real identities behind the internet, as you’ve always done)but I should remember you that I haven’t work so honestly hard all my life up to 2014, for you to keep on paying me the dirty amount of unemployment money in return for my top-Administrative or Governmental degrees I’ve fought for to get, all my life !!!!!
    So mr.Minister of Medicine B?nicioiu with your continously fake and destructive (handicapped and ethnic)people and Governments too, it is obvious for anyone that you are a physically handicapped man(as a massive majority from the Romanian men has started to be years ago, too, in a little more different manner than you): but for anyone who’s familiar with the basic and universal principles of justice and law, it should be clear that your handicap does not give you the right to decide in the name of us, who were proved to be healthy, normal, upright and with no penal friends too.
    But the time keeps on repeating itself(like the healthy cards for the 3rd time into these last years, too), and that will clearly be nothing except a deep continuous stupidity you’ll always have, added to the continuous unconcern to us, the many normal, healthy and upright Romanians left here..under your evil guns…
    Very sincerely Yours,
    Amy Ana Maria C. Neagoe
    Expert in E.U.funds; International Master; Many Post-graduated and many graduated professional, too

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