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Many people are surprised about Romania, about it being a country of paradoxes. Romania has one of the fastest broadband connections in the world on the one hand, and roads full of old-fashioned carts on the other, and not only in the villages. The reason for the quality of broadband is to take a leap;… » read more

Posted by Dan Luca

Guest blogpost by Michael T Bucci, writer and former public relations executive. The Ukraine imbroglio has left this writer and others swimming against two mutually opposing perpetual tides preempting objectivity. Firstly, war fever has been induced in the U.S. population as it has in the Russian people, this is a given. Secondly, to geopolitical analysts… » read more

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A representation of Romanian interests in European and international structures cannot be truly effective without active Romanian representatives in European and international business structures, like corporates and European associations. Firstly you have to be present where needed, and then make them realise their need to act on the measure of power and interests. Of course,… » read more

Posted by Dan Luca