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Guest blogpost by Arnaud Gavard via our contribution form. Selon Bo Manderup Directeur Géneral de Cabinet du Parlement Européen, élever des animaux pour la fourrure ou pour la viande ne change rien pour ces derniers. Il rejoint en ce sens les propos du couturier Karl Lagerfeld qui avait déclaré il y a peu que “dans… » read more

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How to trust Europe again?

Guest blogpost by Dorine van Woerden, adviser on European affairs. The European Union is in itself a remarkable achievement. It is the result of a process of voluntary economic and political integration between the nation states of Europe. Nevertheless, the EU currently faces a number of challenges that threaten the progress that has been made… » read more

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Guest contribution by Molly Walsh, climate and energy campaigner at Friends of the Earth Europe. A public consultation on state support for renewable energies closes today. The proposed guidelines Commissioner Almunia’s DG Competition are consulting on have caused consternation in the renewable sector and particularly among citizens and communities involved in running smaller renewables projects.… » read more

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Regionalization – more important than decentralization, which I mentioned in earlier posts – needs the endorsement of a new Romanian constitution. In the current situation a constitutional referendum would likely overlap with the European elections. If we look at the context, we know that the USL has received a substantial mandate for constitutional leadership of… » read more

Posted by Dan Luca