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There are European elections in half a year and we should be debating about this election – to understand them better and to vote with full knowledge of the facts. In recent talks with students in the country on this topic, I found that there is no practical knowledge about the process of these important… » read more

Posted by Dan Luca

Guest post by Leen Verkade, member of the social-liberal party in The Netherlands, D66. The issue that the Eurozone rules (Fiscal Compact) should be changed was once again brought up last week by Eurozone chief Dijsselbloem. But the proposed change still is along the same line that has been followed for years, and still does… » read more

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Guest post by David Crous, consultant at PRACSIS. Hanoi 13 November 2013 – The objective of the 15th forum and roundtable on eco-innovation which took place in Hanoi was to show how eco-innovations and new technologies can increase resource efficiency and cut waste within the whole food sector. The European Commission and the UNEP reunited… » read more

Posted by Laurens Cerulus

Guest post by Matthew Walsh, Director of Corporate Affairs at Media Intelligence Partners. It is looking increasingly likely that the European Union will soon be looking into updating their Alcohol Strategy. Regrettably, cynical members of the NGO lobby appear to be preparing for the debate by trying to silence industry figures from participating in future… » read more

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* * * UPDATED on Thu. 18 Nov. – 10am * * * Dear bloggers, dear readers, BlogActiv has been doing some housekeeping, updating our host server. We experienced some technical issues on the way, but all should be fine now! For our users: if the maintenance has caused difficulties or you notice irregularities on… » read more

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