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By Klaus Busch, Christoph Hermann, Karl Hinrichs, Thorsten Schulten of Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung. The harsh austerity measures that, according to official policy, are supposed to overcome the euro crisis have once again plunged Europe into recession in 2012. Austerity policy has proved – in Greece, Italy, Portugal and Spain (GIPS) – to be primarily an attack on… » read more

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By Fadi Elhusseini Breaching U.N. Charter and violating territorial sovereignty of countries through quick air strikes is not a newfangled product. Major Powers have adopted such a practice in order to achieve quick, clean and accurate goals, avoiding any unnecessary complications of ground operations, which may bring about some unforeseen consequences. U.S. strikes on Sudan… » read more

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The Romanian government has called issues of regional elections and decentralization in Romania into question, especially the issue of better absorption of EU funds. Let’s remember that a few years ago, when discussing options on how to choose the MEPs in Romania, Vasile Puscas even proposed regional constituencies elections. Views of politicians and experts are… » read more

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