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By David Hill

Within the EU and the wider world there is a great misconception that our future economic dynamism will come through our present systems. History shows that this will not be the case as presently we have not a fully inclusive and integrated system of creativity in place. In this respect the history of science and technology tells us, if we have undertaken an in-depth analysis of the past, that around 75% of the modern world has been created by the fundamental thinking of independent minds outside the direct confines of our world-class university systems or advanced corporate R&D centres. Indeed, Baird, Whittle, Berners-Lee, Fleming, Lenoir, Arthur C Clark, Swan/Edison, A.G.Bell, Ben Franklin, Kilby are just a few of an inexhaustible list of examples where personal hobbies spawned vast new global technological industries, the likes of them never seen before. In Kilby’s case his personal hobby and obsession created the technology that underpins a global industry now turning over in excess of $2 trillion a year and debatably the greatest global wealth creator of all time to date for a single invention.

In every century that has gone before them, both scientific institutions such as the Royal Society and global corporations have said that science had advanced so much that people like the above would never be the basis of any further world changing technology. But in every century this have been proved totally wrong. The same goes today but where this elitist mindset can be seen as the West’s Achilles heel to create its dynamic future. Indeed this hegemony of thought is misconceived through both vested-interests to keep the status quo and the elitist mentality that only the intellectual few can conceive such great events in the world technological future.

In this respect we have to start thinking out-of-the-box and realise what history tells us and transform that into the systems of the future and where not just 1% of the population of the EU has to be involved with the R&D effort, but all citizens of the European Union. For currently we are basically ignoring our most precious and dynamic commodity, the creative and inventive thinking of all the people of Europe.

Therefore considering these facts we must for our own future good start developing and putting into place the creative infrastructure throughout our ever expanding economic block and where all EU citizens can engage with the drive towards our future economic dynamism. For without this inclusive and holistic system of thinking and development, we shall fail our future generations in the long-term.

This creative infrastructure consists of the setting up of a creative incubator to release the people’s thoughts throughout the EU for every 6 million citizens. They are in reality the ‘peoples’ creative incubators and consist of advanced centres of excellence to capture the fundamental thinking of all European citizens. Indeed these physical and unique centres costing in the order of €40 million each would interlink with each other across all EU nations and be directly connected to our world-leading universities and major corporate centres for the EU’s economic exploitation. They are there to specifically capture the fundamental thinking and what can be viewed as the ‘missing link’ presently with out thinking and present R&D systems.

What these incubators will do is to filter the thinking of the people of Europe so that the global technological industries of the future can be identified, isolated and exploited by our world-class university system and our EU based international business community.

The other part of the unique quality of these world-leading fundamental thinking centres and laboratories would be is that the vital filtering system would be undertaken across the world by the world’s foremost ‘independent’ exponents in science, technology and engineering. In this way with communication, cooperation and collaboration with our universities and industry, the new technological industries of the future would be identified and developed. For only a holistic system such as this and using common sense, can win in the 21^st century and the sooner we realise this the better.

Although the European Union (all nations within the block) would control this ultimate creative and innovative infrastructure, the actual runner of the integrated system would be through private industry that have the specific technological strengths in each region to drive forward the frontiers of a new age of fertile economic supremacy.

For by understanding and comprehending this new-age pan-European fundamental thinking system, our universities and businesses can exploit and provide for a dynamic economic future within the EU. In this respect Japanese and German global research has identified that the EU has the most inventive independent creative minds in the world and where this thinking according to these global studies has created over 70% of the modern world as we see today. The problem is that we presently have not a system in place to release this world changing thinking as it is dormant in the minds of European citizens and that is why these creative incubators are so important for the peaceful futures of all our future generations to come. For they will give them a future and where one does not presently exist.

The cost of this revolutionary system of world-leading excellence, which can be designated the completed ‘innovation chain’, is in the order of €3.24 billion. A small price I would say respectfully for a successful economic and dynamic future for the EU and for those being born now and over the past 25 years. Indeed I would welcome from all others if they can submit a better way forward to secure our long-term future? Fundamental thinking and its release has to be the golden key to all possibilities but where we have totally ignored this greatest change-master of them all up to the present day.

David Hill is “Chief Executive” of the “World Innovation Foundation”.

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