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By Fadi Elhusseini, Diplomat at the Embassy of the State of Palestine in Turkey, responsible for Political and media affairs

Since 1990, both Arabs and Palestinians from one side, and Israel from the other side, decided to go through a peace process- presumably-aiming that it would bring about peace and stability to the region, and to put an end for a 60-year-old conflict. Now, it has been almost 21 years since that decision, and the result is an abject failure. Alas, violence engulfed the region, and the Middle East appeared to be raven, suffering from wanderings, political polemics and withering woes that appeared to be a Sisyphean ordeal; started with the first Gulf war, to the second Gulf war, the second Intifada “Palestinian uprising II”, Lebanese and Palestinian internal clashes and assassinations, Israeli wars on Lebanon and Gaza Strip, bloodshed and atrocities in Iraq, and bombings in Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Morocco and Algeria by Al-Quaida, and finally an unrest in the whole Middle East region, causing more spilled blood. The two leaders (Rabin & Arafat) who succeeded in signing the Oslo peace Accords in 1993 were killed; the first was assassinated by an Israeli extremist and the second in mysterious circumstances. What a success: an ominous process which was designed to end the Arab-Israeli conflict and bring about peace and stability to the region turns to indulge everyone in anything but peace or stability.

Amid this complex environment, and for Palestine and Israel, and after signing the Oslo Accords in 1993, they could succeed in signing a number of agreements, reach numerous understandings and attend countless peace conferences aiming to boost talks and negotiations. On every occasion when talks Stumble, the Quartet try to quench everyone and to call on both sides to resume talks, and to eliminate any “preconditions” that may lead to a further delay in the peace process. But is there really a process?

What is the situation on the ground after 19 years of talks and negotiations?

For the Palestinians, they could have a Quasi- Autonomous- State called “the Palestinian National Authority- PNA”, controlling a tiny sieged Gaza Strip, and scattered cities in the West Bank, surrounded by a separation wall from one side, settlements and Israeli check points from the other side. No one can get from the Gaza Strip to the West Bank or visa-versa, except those who are blessed with Israeli Permits. In the Gaza Strip, which has been under stringent siege, nothing can get in or out unless Israel approves it, including food and humanitarian supplies, fuel, gas and construction materials. Blacklisted materials are countless and the sole and immediate Israeli explanation is: Hamas is there!!! In the West Bank, the Palestinians are living under different but still severe conditions. Whilst the West Bank is divided into areas A, B and C, the Clout of the Palestinian Authority is limited to areas A. Its police forces cannot enter other areas without Israeli permission, which gives the outlawed the opportunity to find shelter and escape off-Palestinian-shores. The PNA cannot provide any municipal or social services in areas B and C. People have to go through Israeli checkpoints on a daily basis, facing humiliating practices and spending hours and hours, aiming to reach areas controlled by their Authority. Despite the fact that the latter has a sort of control over areas A, Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) can patrol or storm these areas, whenever they wish, and even arrest Palestinian activists. Nevertheless, The Palestinian security forces spent strenuous efforts and succeeded in enforcing law and order under such severe conditions.

On the other hand, and according to the agreements signed by the Palestinians and Israel, the PNA dismantled the infrastructure of Palestinian military groups in the West Bank and which lead to a drastic decline, if not disappearance, of attacks carried out by those groups on Israel. Accordingly, Israel could reap the advantage of stability and security, boost its economy, attract more investments, and increase the numbers of tourists year after year, not to mention the profits Israeli companies and factories gain as the Palestinian market remains one of the biggest for Israeli products and goods. The expansion and construction of settlements in the occupied territories of 1967 (West Bank and East Jerusalem) significantly amplified, confiscating more of the Palestinian lands drastically increased, the number of Palestinian homes demolished by Israeli forces mounted extremely and depriving Palestinian citizens of Jerusalem from their ID’s shockingly intensified. Israel continued controlling the sea, air, land, natural resources and borders, and its control over borders put Israel in the driver seat when it comes to collecting the money of taxes and customs for the PNA, and also obstructing the entry of any goods that may be a potential competitor to their national products.

Then, why to see a Palestinian State, while you have already everything?

Let’s keep talking!!!

In a letter sent by the Israeli deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs Avigdor Liberman on 22 February 2011, entitled “The Palestinian Authority’s Political Offensive against the State of Palestine”, dismayed Liberman tried to convince his European counterparts that the Palestinians should not go to the U.N. “unilaterally” for the recognition of the State of Palestine, but rather underscoring the need to go back to the negotiations table. In that letter, there was not even a single time reference or indication to the word “peace”, neither explicitly nor implicitly, while it mentioned 13 times the word “negotiations”, one time the word “talks” and twice the word “discussions”. The letter stated clearly and willfully: “a need to renew negotiations”, but not to reach an agreement or to achieve peace. As a matter of fact, this letter has, with no doubt, reflected the real intention of the Israeli government, which is having a “piece” of this process; negotiations and talks solely. While adeptly gaining more time and keep on talking and negotiating with the Palestinians, or blaming them for not negotiating, they keep on changing facts on the ground and eliminate more and more of the Palestinian identity in general and in the holy city of Jerusalem in particular.

It appears that finally this ploy does not work anymore on the Palestinian leadership, who decided not to go on with any further talks, on a decreasing land, eroded cities, and obliterated identity, and until Israel halts its construction of settlements and setting up a time table for negotiations, this “piece” of the process will be in limbo.

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  1. You’re right the whole process is a fraud. It was foisted on Israel by the West because Saudi Arabia wanted it. The West needs oil. Arafat called it the Two Stage solution to destroy Israel. I didn’t see in this article a reference to the 13,000 rockets (around 360 this year) from Gaza, Sinai, that have been launched at Israeli cities in this period of the ‘Saudi Plan’. Why? If a European country was subject to such a barrage and children lived in terror in any European democratic country wouldn’t this be covered in the news? I do not see why Jews cannot build garages, extend housing or build homes in a country that was deeded to the Jews by international law in 1922 at SanRemo, was recognized by all member States of the League of Nations and was then re-affirmed in the Statutes of the United Nations. After WW1 with the defeat of the Ottoman empire, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Iran, Iraq and other Arab nations were founded by the same laws. What is most objectionable is Jew-free policies funded by the EU.
    I do not see anything here about the huge problem of illegal Arab settlements (building without permission) in Judea and Samaria. Why? See: Why has the EU not dealt with race-hate in subsidized text books and TV for kids that encourages them to become suicide bombers?
    Europeans should be applying European principles of justice to the dispute not encouraging Nazi-like policies of ‘Jew-free’ territories, exclusive enactment of the most extreme Sharia law that excludes Christians and Jews, and extols terrorism and race hate and religious exclusivism see:
    What is called the West Bank and was called Judea and Samaria in the original UN documents was illegally occupied in 1948 by Jordan and other armies. It does not belong to Jordan nor to other Arab States including far-way Saudis. Jews were also called Palestinians before 1948 because this anti-Semitic term ‘Palestine’ was invented by the Romans to describe the land of Israel. To call the PNO/PLO Palestinians is a fraud see When will Europe cease fooling itself for oil?

  2. I have just a few questions:
    1. How much money does Israel get from the USA and American pro-Israel groups eahc year?
    2. How much do Palestinian political groups (PLO, Hamas, etc.) get each year from their supporters in the Arab world?
    3. How many deaths have there been on average per year for the last 20 years among Israelis and among Palestinians, caused by the conflict between them?
    4. How many traffic deaths have there been in the area on average per year for teh last 20 years?
    So of course they should keep talking.

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