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I have followed Michel Barnier’s career for many years, as a Master of Public Affairs, from the University of Texas at Dallas, graduated 2003. I believe him to be very up and coming, and so talented. He is aware of the world’s economic outlook. You know he has a lot of pressures building on him. He is a giantly good man, and was so well trained, in his ability to know how to handle these crisis that are mounting now, and is doing so well at it. You have to give him credit for that. You need to support Michel Barnier, for not* being in any way a party to contributing problems in the markets, and is very much free market economy, but also believe in some regulations, namely he believes, in assisting England in their markets and also all of Europe to be competitive, and he is very good at that, resolve, to work even with America, to make sure the markets remain stable with some regulations that are in place to make sure there is equilibrium in all markets world wide, as agreed upon, by all countries, but not* to hurt business. So, it is a steady, sure hand, and Michel Barnier, has this hand, and he knows what he is doing. I have watched him working, and feel that when he works hard, at it, he can make the correct work and recommendations to correct the irregularity that the markets are experiencing, and he can help restore stability to the markets. So, that is a big job, for a big man of France! I support Michel Barnier in all that he does as EU Commissioner of Internal Markets, and I hope, he is welcomed, by all the EU to see him through to his valuable work.

Pam Burns, Master of Public Affairs, from the prestigious, University of Texas at Dallas, graduated May 2003

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