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The following has been submitted to Blogactiv by Mr Florian Mueller. The simplest way to dismiss any claim that MySQL should not play a role in the assessment of the Oracle/Sun merger due to its limited revenues is to point out that MySQL is apparently important enough to Oracle that it puts the entire Sun… » read more

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Here on Blogactiv we very rarely feel the need to publish press releases and communiques related to an annual conference. However, we feel that the contribution from the Club de Madrid warrants close attention. DECLARATION Club of Madrid, Annual Conference ‘The Political Dimensions of the World Economic Crisis’ November 13, 2009 We, Members of Club… » read more

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Chris Patten has signalled his interest in the High Representative for the Common Foreign and Security Policy position, something I’m going to give my support to. If you want to look at important conflicts that Britain has been involved with since the EU’s foundation – Falklands, Kosovo, Gulf War, Iraq, Afghanistan, etc. the EU has… » read more

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