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Newropeans launches its European campaign in Germany with a conference on the financial crisis and the role of the EU.
Franck Biancheri, president of Newropeans, will explain Newropeans’ solutions to solve the crisis.

To see Newropeans’s position as exposed during the latest conference in Rome (24-OCT-2008):

The conference will take place in Frankfut on November, the 28st. It’s public and open on inscription:

Friday 28 of November 2008, from 19PM to 21PM:

“Global crisis : towards relevant European democratic and socio-economic answers”
Adresse: Saalbau Gallus (Seminarraum 3) Frankenallee 111 60326 Frankfurt am Main

Newropeans is the first european citizens movement to introduce candidates in 10 countries for the next elections in June 2008. It aims at democratizing the EU.

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