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As John Doe scooped here a couple of days ago, the heads of state and government will be signing a Globalisation Declaration’ at the end of this week along with the Reform Treaty.

This chimes with the report released by the Commission today, as reported on (my emphases): – Commission hails EU reform progress, calls for more

Despite much-improved results over the past two years, EU governments will have to focus more on “investing in people” and “unlocking SMEs’ business potential” in the next three years if they are to cope with the competitive challenge of globalisation, the Commission has said

So expect to be hearing a lot more about Globalisation and the EU in 2008, particularly given the French presidency – see, for example, over on EurActiv France (again, my emphases):

Les priorités de la Présidence française de l’UE (9.10.2007)

« L’Europe protection ». Telle est l’idée qui devrait résumer l’action du gouvernement au cours de la Présidence française de l’UE au deuxième semestre 2008. Lutte contre le dérèglement climatique, énergie, immigration et Europe de la défense en seront les quatre axes de travail principaux…

and, more recently:

La société civile exprime ses attentes pour la Présidence française de l’UE en 2008 (4/12/07)

Entreprises, fédérations, syndicats, ONG, associations, think tanks et collectivités locales… 44 organismes ont répondu à l’enquête d’EurActiv France sur les attentes de la société civile pour la Présidence française de l’UE en 2008. …

L’adaptation à la mondialisation et la lutte contre le changement climatique arrivent de loin en tête avec respectivement 12 et 16 contributions reçues à ce jour …

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  1. Sarkozy’s only idea of Europe’s challenges in a globalised world is the wise people group. However, this group has been required not to discuss abouth the budget, institutions, enlargement or borders. So one does wonder how can Europe face the challenges of globalisation without defining that clearly as one of its main duties. And for that, it is necessary to hold a serious reflection on the political project. Why not a new Convention without a mandate for reforming the Treaty, but asked to provide scenarii for Europe adapting to world change?

  2. Not a bad idea, although calling it a Convention may be the kiss of death, given the last one’s outcome.

    Note this EurActiv article published 20 December:

    Merely responding to globalisation is “not enough”, says Maria Joao Rodrigues, one of the architects of the EU’s Lisbon strategy for growth and jobs. “We need to shape globalisation” …

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