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A few days before the signature of the Lisbon Treaty, participants of the Plan D Citizen’s Project have called for a more social Europe that takes a more consistent approach to migration issues, teaches democracy and citizenship in schools and fosters diversity while it recognises common European values.

In an Open letter to the EU Heads of State and Government, the National Parliaments, the European Union Institutions and European Political Parties, they asked for “the permissive consensus that existed at the beginnings (…) to be turned into an actively earned consensus in dialogue with the European citizens”.

250+ citzens gathered in Brussels over the weekend. In debates on three main topics, they brought togehter the outcome of discussions in each of the EU’s 27 member states:

  • The human aspects of globalisation;
  • enlargement, political integration and EU citizenship, and;
  • the EU’s role on the world stage.

Citizens asked for the EU to become world leader in environmental protection and clean energy. They also want the Union to take a much more active role in foreign policy, including “military action”.
Read the recommendations sent to heads of state here (114 kB pdf).

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  1. The EU has nothing to teach about democracy, as it is actively reducing democracy in its participating countries by sucking more decision-making to the centre in far less accountable EU institutions.

    As it also has a terrible reputation for using public money to put only a one-sided and distorted view of itself and its activities, it certainly has no place teaching anything in schools.

    This ‘Plan D Citizens Project’ is probably nothing more than one of dozens of EU-funded groups, inevitably repeating pro-integration ideas to please its master.

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