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Following the Road to Copenhagen, another thematic web2.0 site on EU policy has just been launched: allows interested parties to share their views on EU security and defence issues. We hope to encourage an in-depth exchange between science, business and politics.

… We hope to encourage an in-depth exchange between science, business and politics. It is meant to give easier access to key information on EU security and to facilitate exchange and debate, in particular between “Brussels” and the EU member states.”

On first visit, you can only access opinion pieces and browse the useful links section. Everything else (from commenting to opinion pieces to reading/contributing to the glossary) – requires registration, which seems to be automated (they certainly approved my application fast, anyway).

Once in you find, once again, the usual Web2.0 suspects: the opinion pieces are basically blogs; the user debates are a forum and the glossary is wiki-like.

As for content, of course, it’s pretty early days. The first three opinion pieces are by two MEPs and a Greek Minister, with two featuring videos, while the ‘Dossiers’ and Useful Links sections appear to have been pre-populated with around 200 links or downloads. The actual user content (‘user debates’) only features posts from four people, however.
But then again, the site does sport Beta1.0 in its banner, like another site I could name …

It’s a different approach to a site like, but similar to the Road to Copenhagen. It’ll be interesting to see in twelve months which approach(es) work, and the role the resulting Web2.0 landscape will play in the EP elections in May 2009. Any predictions?

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  1. Thanks blogarchitect for pointing to this initiative. I will have a look.

    As far as RoadToCopenhagen ist concerned: It looks like a complete failure. Let me put it like this: after two weeks of being online there are still more sponsor logos than comments or wiki revisions on the site 🙂

    The main problem is that attention in today’s web is as scarce as never before. Launching a website and then wait will not work. It’s like you open a store on a side road of a small village and you expect all the masses to come.

    It was interesting to see that Margot Wallström in her blog about RoadTocopenhagen had more responses than there are on the site itself. Margot’s website is at least located on a side street of a large town. RoadToCopenhagen is located in the middle of nowhere.

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