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According to Joël de Rosnay, interviewed about his new book, The Pronetarian Revolution:

Internet and especially the Web 2.0 allow the reinvention of participative methods founded on new relational technologies that could be of interest to the big institutions – notably European …

[You can] Trust the “Long Tail” of pronetarians to find innovative ways of communicating Europe using the new technologies of the Web 2.0. For example a political “MySpace” or a “Delicious” with tags, to rethink “citizens’ Europe” with the help of collaborative intelligence

– from ‘Media of the masses taking over’

We’ve been toying with a number of ideas in this area – for example, a delicious-based ‘tag EUROPA’ project, which would use collective intelligence to make better sense of the EU’s labrythine site, or aggregating ‘Eurocauses’ on Facebook.

If you know of any projects in this space, add them below. Maybe we can get something started.

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  1. Why does Blogactiv blog under the guest blog?

    I think an “admin” or “blogactiv” blog would be better. Also it’s not always clear if “We” means Blogactiv, Euractiv or something else.

  2. “We” means Blogactiv. We’re owned by EurActiv, but we’re autonomous.

    We post to the guest blog occasionally because we have things to say, too! Primarily about web2.0, as you’d expect.

    We did consider running a second Blogactiv blog, but we already have the technical support blogs (one per language), so another one risks creating overlaps. Better, for now, to occasionally post to the guest blog.

    At least, that’s the theory. This is an evolving, online experiment, and we’re carrying it out in public precisely to get the sort of feedback you just gave us. It is, after all, your community, so if others feel the same way, we’ll evolve some more.

  3. Thanks for your answer, Mathew.

    As far as the topic as such is concerned, I am very much interested to particpate in a more open network for EU affairs. But it would need to be a real collaborative project, not a BlogActiv/EurActiv one.

    Maybe less about tagging but more about transparency, something like

  4. Mathew, would you mind elaborating on what you mean by “we’re owned by Euractiv but we’re autonomous”? What exactly does “autonomous” mean? Are you then not financed and managed by Euractiv? Is there no influence coming from Euractiv’s management on Blogactiv’s content? Credibility takes a couple things more than a few well-placed claims… so could you bring us up on who’s who here?

  5. wondering, as this is getting a bit off-topic, can I:
    – ask you to take a look at the FAQs ( first?

    – If the FAQs don’t answer your question, could you re-comment there?

    That way other people will see it and the ensuing discussion. They won’t if we continue this here.

    Alternatively, post to the guest blog, and we’ll add a link to it from the FAQs.

  6. answering your “If you know of any projects in this space” question…

    blogs are funky nowadays but sometimes I prefer discussion forums – their structure is better for self-support of people sharing interest and problems and looking for solutions thus they’re more opportunity and solution-oriented

    and that’s what I’m looking for – a time-saving discussion board for businesspeople

    I couldn’t find a forum appropriate for my needs so I started :

    We’ll see how it goes 😉

  7. Personally I was a huge fan of discussion forums pre-Web, back in the late 80s, but for some reason their success on Usenet didn’t carry across once the internet went graphical.

    Unless, of course, you’ve got a highly motivated community of technically literate users, which is why tech support forums work well.

    I think blogs took off where forums didn’t because blogs are person-based – it’s “my” blog, but “our” forum. And that sense of ownership (for blogs) helps motivate contribution.

    Which is the long version of why we launched blogactiv as a blog, and not a forum. Best of luck with bizforum, though.

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