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A new site dedicated to enhancing citizen involvement in climate policy has been launched. What does the future hold for such initiatives?

Normally we here at don’t post ourselves, but an EurActiv article (disclosure: EurActiv is Blogactiv’s parent company) merits the exception: – New website seeks to engage citizens in climate policy debates | EU – European Information on Public Affairs

A new website providing a forum for debate on a successor to the Kyoto Protocol on climate change has been launched, providing an innovative means of involving stakeholders and the general public in the formulation of new policy.

The EurActiv article (FR, DE) has all the relevant links for the context. The website itself is in English only, and is jointly hosted by Margot Wallström, Gro Harlem Brundtland and Mary Robinson. It opens with a cartoon introduction from all three. This quickly loses itself, so you end up watching Gro mouth Margot’s words. Gimmicks aside, it promises:

This is a unique politically endorsed initiative that brings together key stakeholders in both the real and virtual world to contribute to and help shape the post 2012 climate change negotiations.

There are the usual Web2.0 suspects – wikis, forums – as well as live events and best practices.

I’m posting about this here not to simply relay the EurActiv article, but to launch a discussion on on the possibilities that such initiatives hold for EU policymaking.

So give the site a ride and tell us what you think. Will it work? If not, why not, and what is needed for it to work? If so, could such initiatives work in other policy areas? Do such initiatives exist?

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  1. It’s hard to know how and where citizens meet policy makers in the ‘real’ world. Probably quite haphazardly via ground swell movements. The web 2.0 channels being tried in the UK are the Downing St Petitions website. Anyone can start up a petition there which can then get publicised by web-of-mouth.

    Government has tried to use youtube but on the whole I believe those attempts have fallen flat. Lets face policy makers just aren’t cool. 🙂

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