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Written by Kelly Sonora, A pandemic, or the spread of an infectious disease worldwide or over a large geographical area, can be frightening to anticipate. Not knowing where the disease will spread next or if you will be able to protect yourself may leave you feeling vulnerable. The best way to empower yourself is… » read more

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The following article was first published by Alexandros Koronakis, Editor of New Europe on 22nd September 2008. Should you wish to comment on this article, please leave your feedback below. Along the lines of several colleagues, I have both positive and negative remarks about the EuroparlTV project. I will however focus on the criticism, the… » read more

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A l’occasion du Congrès du parti socialiste à Reims du 14 au 16 novembre, vous propose de relire la synthèse des dispositions européennes contenues dans les 250 pages des contributions socialistes épluchées par notre rédaction lors de l’université d’été du PS fin août.

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Newropeans launches its European campaign in Germany with a conference on the financial crisis and the role of the EU. Franck Biancheri, president of Newropeans, will explain Newropeans’ solutions to solve the crisis. To see Newropeans’s position as exposed during the latest conference in Rome (24-OCT-2008): video/x7boty_franck-biancheri-newropeans-lue-et_news The conference will take place in Frankfut… » read more

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Leaving aside speculation over the future President Obama, it’s worth taking a moment to reflect on a lesson from Campaign Obama, one which has particular resonance for Europe: Populism need not involve an appeal to the people’s most base political instincts; it can also work by inspiring them to demand more from their elites. In… » read more

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Fichtre, who’s who dans le world wide web ? Qui dit quoi, qui se gausse, qui ose ? Histoire de faire plus ample connaissance, voici pour la rentrée une série de causeries jupons frivoles avec les bloggueurs les plus influents ou (im)pertinents de l’eurosphère. En anglais s’il vous plait ! NOSEMONKEY & EUtopia J. Clive… » read more

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The Irish referendum on the Lisbon Treaty is a tragedy, yes, but a tragedy in the sense of ancient Greek theater, in which both sides are right and both wrong. The Irish “no” camp claims it wants a better deal, more democratic, with a directly elected foreign minister and president of the European Council (EU… » read more

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