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By Stavros Papagianneas Greece is in a deep and protracted economic recession. Austerity measures are hitting researchers in the country hard in their pockets. The economy shrank 18.4% in the past four years and the IMF forecasts it will contract another 4% in 2013 as Athens struggles to reduce debt in exchange for billions of… » read more

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More than 80,000 people follow Herman Van Rompuy on Twitter. This has become an indispensable tool for Brussels correspondents, who check his feed regularly, less to better know the mind of the man fronting the Council of the European Union; more for official statements on the facts emerging from the Council. Everyone can throw their… » read more

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By Edward McMillan-Scott MEP, Alexander Alvaro MEP and others. Sir, As EU leaders meet in Brussels on November 22-23 to negotiate the EU’s budget for 2014-20, MEPs will be in Strasbourg. If governments are serious about efficiency and cutting waste – notably within the EU’s own institutions – a single seat for the European Parliament… » read more

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Accountability and the EU

By Dan Luca and Nienke van Leeuwaarden ‘Accountability’ has several meanings, depending on the situation it is used in. In his article “Analysing and Assessing Public Accountability – A Conceptual Framework”, Mark Bovens claims that accountability for the European Commission for example is not only synonym for ‘clarity’, ‘transparency’, and maybe most importantly: ‘responsibility’, but… » read more

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By Ilektra Tsakalidou The “rise” and “fall” of the Far Right in Europe have been in the heart of debates among political analysts since the late 1980s. In Greece, the debate only became relevant after the 7th of May elections and the last weeks of political campaigning preceding them. The issue still fascinates because for… » read more

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By Tony Venables Over one hundred thirty people gathered on Friday, 5 October in Vienna to assess issues surrounding the implementation of European Citizens Initiatives (ECI) which started on 1 of April 2012. The conference, organised by the Austrian institute for European Law and Politics, is part of the ECAS-led project ‘ECI link’ and is… » read more

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Re energising Europe

By the WWF EU Tomorrow morning, WWF’s new online debate forum poses the following question: “European Commission energy roadmap 2050: Will it lead to a resilient and sustainable energy system?” Some of the leading lights of EU energy policymaking will kick off the debate, but really this is a question everyone must help to answer.… » read more

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By Dan Luca An intriguing recent post of the President of the European Commission on the State of the Union: Barroso stated that “Europe needs a new direction, it can not be based on old ideas – Europe needs new thinking. Let’s not be afraid of the words: we will need to move towards a… » read more

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