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Guest post by Antonio Calcara – Ph.D. Candidate at the LUISS Department of Political Science – Rome   The prospect of an integrated EU defence stance at the international level has always been a controversial issue. Despite more than 30 Common Security and Defence Policy civilian and military crisis management missions, EU member states` political,… » read more

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  Guest blogpost by Niels Gheyle, PhD Candidate at the Centre for EU Studies – Ghent University. Running around the European Parliament nowadays can be a daunting task for people who want to keep up with the talks on TTIP, the Trans-Atlantic free trade negotiations between the US and the EU. Since the International Trade… » read more

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Guest blogpost by Scottish journalist Jack Cairns, first published on Europe’s Footsteps. Find Jack Cairns on Twitter, here. The British government’s decision to send 75 military advisors to aid the Ukrainian army has been seen by many experts as more symbolic than significant. If this is the case: why bother? Rewind the clock fifty years,… » read more

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Guest blogpost by Niels Gheyle, research intern at the Centre for EU Studies of Ghent University. With the heat of the European elections starting to drop, analysts have started to scrutinize the impact of the eurosceptic surge. For some, the results were nothing less than a political earthquake. Critical voices were expected to do well… » read more

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In 2009 over thirty countries contributed warships to protect vital tankers and cargo ships sailing around the Horn of Africa. While these navies have indeed reduced the number of successful hijackings per 100 attacks, the pirates doubled the number of attacks, vastly increased the area where they can mount assaults, and succeeded in hijacking forty-seven… » read more

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Interest in transatlantic economic cooperation is hard to sell to the public. That is the conclusion of Philip Whyte at the Centre for European Reform: If the potential economic gains from deepening the transatlantic economy are marked, why is the TEC’s [Transatlantic Economic Council – Nanne] agenda not better known? The (largely justified) perception that… » read more

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