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Guest post by Antonio Calcara – Ph.D. Candidate at the LUISS Department of Political Science – Rome   The prospect of an integrated EU defence stance at the international level has always been a controversial issue. Despite more than 30 Common Security and Defence Policy civilian and military crisis management missions, EU member states` political,… » read more

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Guest blogpost by Filip Kovacevic, a professor at the University of Montenegro. The confidential sources of Der Spiegel from the NATO Headquarters in Brussels claim that the NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen visibly “blossomed” after the violent turn of events in Ukraine. There is, however, nothing strange in this kind of behavior by Rasmussen.… » read more

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Guest post from Benedetta Berti, Gonca Noyan, Hristiana Grozdanova, Jelena Petrovic, members of the Atlantic Council’s Young Atlanticist NATO Working Group. Since the end of the hostilities that led to the ousting of Muammar Qaddafi, Libya has been undergoing a post-authoritarian political transition. Although the internal drive for reforms is present, it remains unclear whether… » read more

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Guest post by Julia Muravska – Transparency International’s Defence and Security Programme With the transposition of the Defence Procurement Directive into national law comes an ideal opportunity for EU member states to ensure that offsets are finally made transparent and accountable to the EU public. Those following developments of EU defence procurement will be familiar… » read more

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