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Guest post by Fitch F. RICH, Croatian Blogger- Blog: Croatia Calling After parliamentary elections which haven’t really changed anything despite the defeat of Croatian Democratic Union (HDZ), the time has come for us to decide whether we would like to be a part of (Dis)United Europe. The breaking news is that the referendum on our… » read more

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The heat is on in the debate on Europe. Across different member states, the intensity and type of manifestations varies substantially. In the UK, MEPs even decided to dress up as chickens. This to protest against the European Parliament ‘disallowing a popular vote’ on the Lisbon Treaty. But could the chickens not be ostriches in… » read more

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The EU is determined to ensure that globalisation is a source of opportunity rather than a threat, a declaration to be signed at the end of the week by heads of state and government states. Read the document here (500 kB pdf): eu-declaration-on-globalisation.pdf The two-page document explaining what the Lisbon Reform Treaty – and at… » read more

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