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Guest post by Stuart Reigeluth, founder of Revolve Media Energy will flow fluidly across transnational grids, tapping into decentralized hubs everywhere, that are both interconnected all along the way by the digital technology of things. While the integration of the European energy systems is of paramount importance for the overarching project called ‘Europe’, geopolitically, the… » read more

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EU: Renaissance or Bankruptcy?

Guest post by David Heilbron Price Weeks before Robert Schuman made his revolutionary Proposal on 9 May 1950 to create the European Community, a renowned American Think Tank published an in-depth report. It reviewed postwar conditions in Europe and forecast the future options for the Continent. It spoke of the Renaissance, but not in a… » read more

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The Next European Decade

By Dan Luca I recently read an interesting book, written by George Friedman, ‘The Next Decade’. Some parts of Friedman’s book touched upon Europe, and I would like to highlight some of his ideas: He states there are two dilemmas for Europe in the next ten years. The first one is linked with the relation… » read more

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Here on Blogactiv we very rarely feel the need to publish press releases and communiques related to an annual conference. However, we feel that the contribution from the Club de Madrid warrants close attention. DECLARATION Club of Madrid, Annual Conference ‘The Political Dimensions of the World Economic Crisis’ November 13, 2009 We, Members of Club… » read more

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Interest in transatlantic economic cooperation is hard to sell to the public. That is the conclusion of Philip Whyte at the Centre for European Reform: If the potential economic gains from deepening the transatlantic economy are marked, why is the TEC’s [Transatlantic Economic Council – Nanne] agenda not better known? The (largely justified) perception that… » read more

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