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EU: Renaissance or Bankruptcy?

Guest post by David Heilbron Price Weeks before Robert Schuman made his revolutionary Proposal on 9 May 1950 to create the European Community, a renowned American Think Tank published an in-depth report. It reviewed postwar conditions in Europe and forecast the future options for the Continent. It spoke of the Renaissance, but not in a… » read more

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Guest blog post by Gunnar Hökmark MEP (EPP).   If bureaucracy were an Olympic game, my country – together with a few others – would most likely be one of the contenders for gold medal. Swedish bureaucrats and politicians of most stripes have worked hard towards this goal with a combination of creativity and an… » read more

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Guest blog post by Oliver Roethig, UNI Europa Regional Secretary. When the European Commission introduced its ‘Better Regulation Agenda’’ in May last year, for a moment I allowed myself to think this could actually lead to better law-making for all. Then suspicion settled in. The agenda claimed to ensure that the design of European law… » read more

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