Romanian representatives in the European private sector

Posted by Dan Luca on 03/04/14

A representation of Romanian interests in European and international structures cannot be truly effective without active Romanian representatives in European and international business structures, like corporates and European associations. Firstly you have to be present where needed, and then make them realise their need to act on the measure of power and interests. Of course, [...]

When a private company invests in Europe

Posted by Blogactiv Team on 27/03/14

Guest blogpost by Lucio Laccarino, Optima Erasmus Advisor, on the left. Optima Erasmus is a new model of governance, in which private companies provide resources of their own and invest in the European integration. The investment is material, because we are dealing with an italian company that is able to finance special bursaries for Erasmus [...]

The lost generation? Not really…

Posted by Blogactiv Team on 18/03/14

Guest blogpost by Soulaima Gourani is a member of Europe’s “40 under 40″ club of thinkers, a member of the “Nordic Thinkers 20″, an author and blogger (full profile on LinkedIn). Youth unemployment remains a major issue in most EU countries. Eurostat estimates that 26.231 million men and women were unemployed in January 2014. It’s [...]

Du multilinguisme dans l’Union européenne

Posted by Blogactiv Team on 18/03/14

Entretien de Dominique Hoppe avec Monsieur Michel Soubies, nouveau représentant de l’Assemblée des Fonctionnaires Francophone des Organisations Internationales (AFFOI monde) à Bruxelles. Précision apportée par Monsieur Soubies : Les considérations qui suivent ne doivent pas être prises comme une attaque contre l’anglais mais bien comme un appel à valoriser une des  grandes richesses de l’Union européenne, [...]

European Parliament elections: Euroscepticism & Euro populism

Posted by Dan Luca on 12/03/14

The European Parliament elections on May 25 will have the première of a powerful wave of euro populist and euro-extremists. Euroscepticism will increase, although it already has its representatives in Parliament, albeit in low numbers. Where before there could not be a sustainable and distinct euro populist group in the European Parliament, operating in parallel [...]

Erasmus generation in power in Italy. Also in EU?

Posted by Dan Luca on 04/03/14

Matteo Renzi, just 39, is the new Italian prime minister, but not without attracting some controversy. Beyond his political skills, he considers his relatively young age one of his strengths. Renzi is considered an exponent of the Erasmus generation, comprised of young people who have almost exclusively lived in the time of the Euro, and [...]

Tests sur animaux : une étrange différence de traitement dans la politique de l’ Europe

Posted by Blogactiv Team on 26/02/14

Guest blogpost by Arnaud Gavard via our contribution form. Selon Bo Manderup Directeur Géneral de Cabinet du Parlement Européen, élever des animaux pour la fourrure ou pour la viande ne change rien pour ces derniers. Il rejoint en ce sens les propos du couturier Karl Lagerfeld qui avait déclaré il y a peu que “dans un [...]

How to trust Europe again?

Posted by Blogactiv Team on 21/02/14

Guest blogpost by Dorine van Woerden, adviser on European affairs. The European Union is in itself a remarkable achievement. It is the result of a process of voluntary economic and political integration between the nation states of Europe. Nevertheless, the EU currently faces a number of challenges that threaten the progress that has been made over [...]

Clearing the fog around hyperlinks and copyright

Posted by Blogactiv Team on 21/02/14

Guest post by Jakob Kucharczyk, director of CCIA Europe (Computer & Communications Industry Association). The February 13 Svensson case ruling by the Court of Justice for the European Union (CJEU) represents a mix of both progress and peril as Europe seeks to clarify how copyright law should apply to the ubiquitous hyperlinks we all use [...]

Pushing the citizen out of the renewable sector?

Posted by Blogactiv Team on 14/02/14

Guest contribution by Molly Walsh, climate and energy campaigner at Friends of the Earth Europe. A public consultation on state support for renewable energies closes today. The proposed guidelines Commissioner Almunia’s DG Competition are consulting on  have caused consternation in the renewable sector and particularly among citizens and communities involved in running smaller renewables projects. [...]

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