CETA, TTIP : Addressing the ISDS nightmare

Posted by Blogactiv Team on 25/11/14
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Guest blog post by Sorin MOISA MEP This article is an attempt to on the one hand understand the root causes of the ISDS controversy and, on the other hand, to spell out a set of possible compromises over this sensitive issue. Hanging in the balance is CETA, the new generation treaty between the EU and [...]

25.000 EU experts in each EU country

Posted by Dan Luca on 20/11/14

The EU is a complex game in which Brussels has a key role in close connection with the 28 capitals of the EU Member States. In previous messages I identified the 100.000 EU actors in Brussels, and now the “local EU actors”, those working in the Member States, will be mapped out. On the executive [...]

Will the EU and its Member States support foundations?

Posted by Blogactiv Team on 18/11/14

Guest blog post by Gerry Salole, Chief executive, European Foundation Centre. Our organisations, the European Foundation Centre (EFC) and the Donors and Foundations Networks in Europe (DAFNE) representing together over 7,000 foundations, would like to call your attention to the proposed EU regulation on the European Foundation (FE), and the critical role of all EU Members States [...]

Message from Brussels – How to prepare my child for life?

Posted by Dan Luca on 13/11/14

Living and working in the EU Brussels bubble, I am regularly asked to express my views about the career of young professionals or even for a presentation of opportunities to find a job in the capital of Europe. I am not referring to the academic courses that I teach in Brussels, Bucharest and Cluj, or [...]

What does it mean, a European Commission “with a very political nature”?

Posted by Dan Luca on 05/11/14

Experts noted the message of President Juncker that it is his desire that the “European Commission will have a very political nature”. Member countries have reacted to this message offering mostly politicians as Commissioners, albeit some less experienced in the mysteries of EU policies. As a result, the current team of Commissioners is more connected [...]

Message for the new European Commissioner for Education

Posted by Dan Luca on 31/10/14

The new European Commission takes office in November 2014. The new president Jean-Claude Junker said that it is his “desire that the EC will be very political in nature”. I wish good luck to the new team of Commissioners; the EU really needs politicians with vision and with experience in developing European dossiers for a [...]

Gender Equality: the smart way to growth

Posted by Blogactiv Team on 29/10/14

Guest commentary by Vaso Kollia, Secretary General for Gender Equality at the Greek Ministry of Interiors. Is gender equality only about justice, or is the question at hand relevant to much needed economic development as well? That is one more question for the Junker Commission to address. After all, the incoming Commission is not another Commission, [...]

Branding federations in EU Affairs

Posted by Dan Luca on 24/10/14

Due to the complexity of the EU institutions and its mechanisms, visibility and branding are a priority for European Federations, especially if they have an operational office in Brussels. I already touched upon EU federations more generally in earlier posts, but in this post I will go more in-depth regarding branding. EU federations need more [...]

Building a career in non-institutional EU Brussels

Posted by Dan Luca on 20/10/14

Brussels hosts more than 100.000 persons working in EU affairs. Only 50% of the jobs are to be found in the EU institutions. The other 50.000 EU actors work at industry federations, consultancies, media, corporate organisations, non-profit organizations, think tanks, region and city representations. The objective of these entities is to advocate and communicate their [...]

Dalligate: Barroso to the exit, with a toxic legacy

Posted by Blogactiv Team on 10/10/14

Guest blog post by Green MEP’s Bart Staes and José Bové October 16th will be the sad and second, silent birthday of the day the European Commission president José Manuel Barroso gave in to manipulations of the Tobacco Industry by sacking Commissioner for Public Health John Dalli. A black day for European democracy from which [...]

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