BlogActiv message: Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

Posted by Blogactiv Team on 19/12/14

Dear bloggers, dear readers, 2014 has been a fascinating year for everyone involved in, and blogging about, Europe’s politics and policies. On the EU stage, citizens chose their representatives for the new Parliament in last May’s EU elections. We saw the end of a decade of José Manuel Barroso at the top of the EU [...]

What will be important in 2015?

Posted by Dan Luca on 19/12/14

From a European viewpoint… 2015 is officially the “European Year of Development”, but politically the upcoming elections in the UK (May 2015) will most likely intensify tensions in and reporting on the UK when looking at the European Union and even London’s EU membership. If 2014 was the year of the elections and new faces [...]

What was important in 2014?

Posted by Dan Luca on 17/12/14

From a European viewpoint… 2014 delivered on its promise of a full and exciting year at the European level: parliamentary elections in May, and the new Commission which took office this fall. This new beginning has come not only with new members in these institutions, but with a desire to increase the legitimacy and effectiveness [...]

What does entrepreneurship mean to entrepreneurs?

Posted by Blogactiv Team on 15/12/14

Guest blogpost by David Mata, founder and CEO of PYNK SYSTEMS and winner of 2014 Amcham EU Youth Entrepreneurship Award. Entrepreneurship, a very recurrent word when talking about economic revitalization after the crash. It is a term that reminds one about beautiful professional fulfillment: assuming a risk, making the most of an opportunity, it is [...]

More Romanian EU specialists in Brussels? A first list of urgent priorities.

Posted by Dan Luca on 12/12/14

Anchoring European countries in the community structure requires a lot of specialists, active both in Brussels and in the capitals. The European construction has mainly an institutional dimension, but civil society and particularly the business sector are actively involved in recent developments. Experts say there is a very pronounced corporate lobby in Brussels, as well [...]

A child with Down syndrome placed directly into an institution

Posted by Laurens Cerulus on 12/12/14

Guest blogpost by Jana Hainsworth, Eurochild Secretary General. A mother from Bulgaria addressed Members of the European Parliament on 10th December to share her experience of the pressure put on parents to abandon children with disabilities into institutions. By bringing this testimony, the Opening Doors for Europe’s Children campaign hopes to illustrate everything that is [...]

Google News & Spain: Bad day for citizens, online innovation and publishers themselves

Posted by Blogactiv Team on 12/12/14

Guest blogpost by Jakob Kucharczyk, Director of Computer & Communications Industry Association (CCIA). Yesterday we learnt that Google will shut down its ‘Google News’ service this year in Spain. This is just one consequence of the introduction in Spain of an ancillary copyright levy (known as the ‘AEDE levy’) affecting online services (apps and websites). In a nutshell, [...]

Making the case for green business

Posted by Blogactiv Team on 11/12/14

Guest blogpost by David Crous, project consultant at Pracsis. The 17th European Forum on Eco-innovation explored the dynamics of green jobs creation. More than 150 experts debated the potential of circular economy to drive businesses’ competitiveness and create employment. Over the last decade 3 to 4.2 million jobs were created in European eco-industries. Green business [...]

Invisible ‘visible’ minority on the European political agenda

Posted by Blogactiv Team on 09/12/14

Guest blogpost by Jallow Momodou, Vice-Chair of the European Network Against Racism (ENAR) and Chair of the Pan African Movement for Justice in Sweden. ‘Numbers count’ is a statement we often hear, especially when speaking of democratic weight and power as a means to influence a group’s socio-economic conditions. So far, however, people of African [...]

European travel sector slammed by abominable Package Travel legislation

Posted by Blogactiv Team on 08/12/14

Guest blogpost by Christoph Klenner, Secretary General of the European Technology and Travel Services Association (ETTSA). At a time when Europe desperately needs to promote a proper functioning marketplace, European legislators have demonstrated how out of touch they can be with the reality of doing business. Jean-Claude Juncker, President of the European Commission, said at the [...]

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